Launched on 14 May 1994, the ASSOCIATION DES FAMILLES NAU INC. is a non-profit organization for persons interested in the genealogy and history of the NAU: NAUD, NAULT, NAUX, NEAU, NEAU dit LABRIE,  NEAUD, NEAULT, NEAUX, NO, NOT, NOWE. The ASSOCIATION is affiliated to the FÉDÉRATION DES ASSOCIATIONS DE FAMILLES DU QUÉBEC.

The objectives of the ASSOCIATION are numerous and primarily oriented towards the research, diffusion and exchange of information related to the NAU families and, in particular, those that are descendants of the French ancestors Francois NAU, native of Turquant (Maine-et-Loire) et Pierre NEAU dit LABRIE of Brie-sous-Matha (Charente Maritime), who settled in New-France respectively in 1666 and around 1684.

The objectives of the ASSOCIATION include:

  • To assemble within a permanent association as many members as possible who are descendants of the ancestors, either directly or affiliated, or other persons who are interested in the NAU families.
  • To publish a genealogical and historical dictionary of the NAU families.
  • To issue a family bulletin to inform its members and maintain their interest.
  • To organize meetings or conferences regarding the history or the genealogy of the NAU families.
  • To sponsor research into and diffusion of genealogical and historical knowledge of the NAU families.
  • To provide a central storage for the documentation of the NAU family history. To create an archive and promote the submission of documents, photos and news clippings which augment the knowledge of the family history.
  • Conduct research in Canada and the USA to find out the contributions being made by family members.
  • To develop links with our cousins from France.

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