Quarterly Azure and Vert a cross Argent between in the first and fourth quarters a bunch of grapes leaved and in the second and third quarters four ears of wheat also leaved all Or the cross surmounted by an open book Argent edged Or bound Gules; and for a Crest: Within a wreath Argent and Azure on waves barry wavy Argent and Azure issuant from a coronet composed of a ring Or jeweled Azure heightened with fleur-de-lis Or and maple leaves Gules a sailing ship Or sails Argent flag Gules; and for a Motto: AIME ET VA.

Our coat-of-arms, which has been granted by the Canadian Heraldic Authority on 15 January 1996, is inspired by our origins:

  • The bunch of grapes is a symbol of Turquant, the birthplace of our ancestor François. Turquant is located in the wine area of the valley of La Loire and Anjou.
  • The sheaf of wheat represents agriculture which, from the beginning, has occupied many generations of Nau.
  • The open book expresses the activities of many Naus.
  • The cross represents the inspiration for these activities.
  • The crest, the three-mast, gold sail boat dressed in silver recalls the crossing of the ocean by François and the many Nau pilots, wheel men and captains from Deschambault and surroundings.
  • Our motto, LOVE AND GO expresses, in a few words the realities and aspirations of the family.
  • Be filled with love and venture into all things! Look to the future and aspire to the highest destiny. Love all that you do, from the smallest thing to the largest. Love. With love, the world is open to you, all becomes possible.


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